Since January, Melchior is having a very interresting topic: What can we eat ??

Almost every day, kids were speaking about the internationnal food and what could be the best healthy food ?

Melchior did this presentation explaining the traditionnal snack in France. 

what we can eat

Then the school organised a lunch box challenge. The lunch shall be made by Melchior and there was a price for the best lunches.

Melchior decided to do it by himself from the grocery to the packaging. He did a book with pictures to explain to his friends. 

Part 1 Part 2

Part 3 Part 4

 And he was congratulated from the headteacher in person and won a cookbook (in Norvegian) like 9 of his friends.

Well done

Very good job Melchior, continue to be entousiast.

Marine and Pierre.