It was a great year for Melchior. He turned 7 last week. The big age, a real change in his life: " l'âge de raison ". Like last year, we re-experimented a birthday party with his classmates!!!

The preparation was nice. He choose the knight and castle as topic. He did very beautiful invitations (Thank you by the way to Francois who helped with the colouring).

les invitations

 and we cut some shields and swords.

préparatifs 1 préparatifs 2

les épées

Everything prepared, the table was waiting for the guests. 

la table

 We have been lucky, the weather was perfect for outdoors games:

1- earth gun game

la cible

Malo et la cible

Deepika jeu 1 Augusto jeu 1

2- Touch ball 

les regles du jeu par Melchior balle aux prionniers

 Bosco heureux

3- spider game 

l'araignée Melchior et l'araignée

Arin et l'araignée l'araignée Elise

 4- Chamboule tout

le chamboule tout 

And then it was time to go back home for the presents opening and the birthday cake !!

l'ouverture des cadeaux l'ouverture des cadeaux 1


 At the end of the afternoon, they have done a home made shield and sword !!! They all loved it !!

déco des bouclier 1  déco des boucliers 2

Augusto Elise 

Fares Guislhain

Arin  Melchior 

Deepika Jaitra

Bosco Malo

le combat des chevaliers

It was a very nice day !!!!  Thank you all !!!

la belle équipe